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The Instant Payments Council (IPC) is a dedicated organisation established to promote and drive the adoption of instant payments in Europe and the US. It serves as a central platform for collaboration, education, and innovation among key stakeholders in the instant payments ecosystem, including banks, payment providers, regulatory bodies, and industry associations.

Its working with over 10,000 members, to promote instant payments and its adoption through series of international conferences, webinars, networking events, members meetings and pre-arranged 1-2-1 meetings for its prime partners.



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Rise of Instant Payments – The Countdown to Card-Free Transactions

For Instant Payments, around the world, there’s an unmistakable clamor for faster, more convenient payment services. The demand for real-time transactions, whether it’s sending funds..

Instant Payments The Unstoppable Phenomenon

Jose Manuel PeralChief Sales Officer at Devengo No one can now dispute that Instant Payments is starting to change the way customers and businesses pay..

Instant Payments: Redefining Claim Settlement for Insurance Companies

Marcia KlingensmithCEO Fintech Consulting, LLC In the fast-paced world of insurance, customer satisfaction hinges on speed and convenience. Gone are the days of paper checks..

The power of instant payments in payroll: Driving Financial inclusion

Marcia KlingensmithCEO Fintech Consulting, LLC In this digital age, instant payments (FedNow and RTP) have emerged as a game-changer offering real-time transactions and greater financial..



Discover the future of instant payments in the Balkans, where industry leaders convene to drive innovation and collaboration. This round table brings together key stakeholders from across southeastern Europe including Albania, Croatia, Greece, Serbia, Slovenia and more.

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Join the Baltics Instant Payments Round Table to unite diverse stakeholders, explore opportunities, and transform the financial landscape in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. Share insights, exchange ideas, and collaborate with Northern European experts.

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Unleash the potential of instant payments in Central Europe, where leading thinkers gather to catalyze change and shape the next era of payments. This round table amalgamates pivotal stakeholders from across Central Europe, encompassing countries like Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and more.

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Explore the forefront of instant payments in the Benelux region, where industry pioneers unite to lead the payments renaissance. Join this round table with key figures from Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg to address challenges, promote top-tier methods, and foster alliances.

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Experience the Edge of IPC Membership: Elevate your industry influence, stay at the forefront of advancements, and chart your path towards sustained success. As pioneers of progress, together we’ll forge the way for a digital payments ecosystem that’s efficient, secure, and inclusive. IPC’ esteemed members share a resolute commitment to reshaping the landscape of digital payments for generations to come. IPC, membership isn’t just a designation – it’s an empowered journey. We extend a range of distinct advantages through our membership program, designed to cater to the diverse needs of banks, FinTechs, merchants, corporates, and individuals alike. Your objectives align with our tiers, ensuring a tailored experience that delivers tangible outcomes. Unlock a treasure trove of insights, research, and news meticulously curated to keep you ahead of the curve. As an IPC member, you’ll have exclusive access to a wealth of information that empowers informed decision-making, fosters innovation, and positions you as an industry leader. Embrace the future of instant payments with IPC Membership.


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